Why don't airlines that are based in the U.S. operate A380s?

I was just thinking about Airbus and Boeing when I stumbled upon this question. Why don’t any US based airlines operate the A380? To name a few, United doesn’t, American doesn’t, and Delta doesn’t!

Please do not use this topic to argue wether Boeing or Airbus is better.


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I found this:


Because Boeing.

Boeing is in the USA, and we would want to support our own countries companies. A lot of middle eastern airlines don’t have Boeing planes because they hate America lol. Europe guys use a lot of Airbus based in France. Europe is divided. Southwest Airlines doesn’t have a single airbus


But JetBlue doesn’t have a single Boeing …


That is true, but many US airlines use Airbus aircraft. United had quite a few.

Because Airbus offered them a better deal. Passenger comfort was seen as better than the 737NGs


40% of the A320 is made in the USA anyway.


Oh really, I didn’t know that.

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It comes down to business in the end. Whoever offered the better deal. But generally US based airlines try and support the local economy


Actually its because a large number of the US carriers flights are short to mid range routes and there is not as much demand for their international flights as other airlines like Emirates. Also their purchasing strategy is to wait to purchase newer long range aircraft and try and stretch the lives of their preowned long range aircraft as long as possible.


And they hate Americans lol

Airbus doesn’t hate Americans. A lot of their business comes from them.


No, middle eastern countries lol not Airbus.

Oh ok I thought you were talking to me.

What about the Embraers? In the future, I hope to see a JetBlue 737 MAX


But…But… What about the legacies operating many A320s? AA/DL operating A330s? UA owning A330s? UA/AA/DL ordering A350s? AA having A321s exclusively on their flagship route? Spirit having all A320s?

Saudia 777s? Etihad 777s? Emirates with the largest 777 fleet in the world? Qatar and Etihad with their 777s and 787s?

BA 737 classics/747s/757s/767s/777s/787s? AF with their massive 777 fleet? Same goes for KL. LH group just took some 777s and has the 777X replacing their A340s.


I thought they already signed an order for NEOs? Or am I mistaken?

That would look terrible in their livery.

Even then, I can’t really see them buying from Boeing. They seem to have created a “relationship” with Airbus.

Because they don’t exactly fit the style of airlines in America. We try to pack a 777 or 767 full of people by selling cheap tickets for ceap seats. Airlines in America can then ultimately reduce the number of flights they have internationally thus saving money on gas and other various fees. Airlines like Luftansa and Emirates don’t have to do this as they are for quality over quantity, they sell more expensive tickets for better seats in bigger planes.

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