Why don’t I have expert anymore?

Why did I lose all my grades 😔

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Can you share a screenshot of your grade table?

Hello @aljermaine97 and welcome to the community!

as said above by @BennyBoy_Alpha, it would be beneficial for you to share your grade requirements table.

If you had a break from the game, or were issued multiple violations, you may have lost your grade.

give them a bit of time to respond - they are a new user so their messages have to be approved.

Hello @aljermaine97 and welcome to the community!

Per your logs, you haven’t been active lately, showing your last flight on October 14th 2023 and you’re also not meeting the requirements for above Grade 1 currently.

Keep in mind that you must remain active in order to maintain your Grades in the sim. You’re 2 hours away and 4 landings from Grade 2. Remain active and you’ll see that number climb and your grade change.


Just like Rick said, your Flight Time (90 Days) are below the requirements for grade 3. If you want to maintain Grade 3 or surpass Grade 3, here are some tips:

  1. Do 1hr Flights every day
  2. Do long hauls. We experts do long hauls at least once in a while.
  3. While your plane if flying, do some other activities! Like if you have another device, you can play games or watch videos while your plane is flying. Maybe you can play sports, eat a snack, listen to music, sleep. Anything!
  4. Do overnight hauls. When you are sleeping, you can leave your device on and farm Flight Time.
  5. If you need landings, get a small plane (like xCub), and takeoff, once you are at 300ft, turn around and land. Repeat until you have necessary landings.