Why don’t I have access to the Air Canada Rouge livery?

So I’m level 3 and I was just returning to Toronto from New York in a A321 in Air Canada Livery and I noticed a Rouge livery on a A319. I couldn’t believe it as I have never seen it in Infinite Flight. Can someone explain why I don’t have it, I have searched through topics for it but I got nothing.

Maybe a staff member was using it? An IF teaser?

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Can you send us a screenshot of your livery list for the A319? It should be there…

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It exists for everyone with a subscription… maybe you were looking for Rouge as the name when it’s really Air Canada Rouge in the sim…


I just checked, it’s there as an A319 livery that I managed to find. It is called ‘Air Canada Rouge’

It should show up if you have Live.

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Thank you, I now see it