Why don’t any planes show up on my map

Are there any aircraft near you in the first place?

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I see a plane in front of you. Is there traffic around you to start with?

probably low traffic, I see one in that shot.
Check Liveflight or any IF tracker.

Assuming you’re on the expert server, that region is very quiet right now, so it is entirely likely there’re just no aircraft in your range.

Yh I’ve checked and there is quite a lot

I’m on training

There aren’t many planes flying near you, except for one, which was shown in the photo you took.

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I can see a few more thank you for your help, do you know a good altitude to catch appr ?

Like APPR mode or ATC Approach?

If you’re talking about contacting approach, you should only do that 50nm out and below 18,000 ft.

Or, if you’re referring to the aircraft’s APPR function, it’s up to you when to engage it. I usually do that when I reach the starting of the ILS cone.

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Approach to land

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See above.

Is the cone the red lines off the airport ?

That’s the ils cone, once tuned in to the ils, you intercept that at a 30 degree angle or less, and need to be under 3000 feet AAL(alt of arrival airport) to intercept the glideslope (the green dot next to alt)

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This is a red ILS cone. (Circled in red)

The maps in the flight sim do not show aircraft at far away locations. If there aircraft around you and they don’t show up on the map, that is usually associated wit a network problem. Check your top right part of your phone in IF to see if your network is good.

Hope you find this helpful! 😄👍

I just set mine to 3000 is that ok like at the start of the cone

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wait, you’re still far from your destination no?

Yh so when the cone starts I set it to 3000