Why don’t all aircraft have APPR?

Approach mode is a well used feature of Infinite Flight, I think we can all agree.

Is there a reason why you can’t fly an ILS approach in a B747 or A380?

Obviously some planes are not fit to have APPR (cessna, fighter jets) but why don’t the two biggest planes have it?

To be clear, this is not a request, Id just like to know why these two airplanes are unable to fly ILS or APPR.

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They just haven’t been reworked after APPR was introduced to the game. They should get it in the future if they are redone

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Well I hope they do, these planes can be the best… especially for those long hauls

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The ILS system should still work, you will just have to manually keep your plane on the localizer and glide slope

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These both examples actually have an APPR mode IRL. It’s just that approach mode in IF is actually an auto land mode.

Most people don’t use APPR to auto land. It is a great feature to line up with the runway and give yourself an easy approach, hence the name. Most will disengage it at minimums


Yes, I know, that’s why I mentioned that APPR mode in IF means autoland unlike in real life.

I use it in this manner when available.

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