Why doesn't the F-18 and the Spitfire have autopilot?

I was just wondering why don’t the f-18 and spitfire in Infinite Flight? cause it is annoying to fly them!


The Spit didn’t have in real world, and the F/A-18 is a legacy model in therms of IF and will get one when it is re worked (hopefully 😂)


The f18 is not up to date and is in the proseces of getting reworked. the spit fire is from 1932 so why it does not have autopilot is quite obvious


@Boeing7875 The spitfire does not have autopilot in the real world, as for the F/A-18 it is in the process of being reworked, but as of right now the current development of the F/A-18 is on hold due to the current world situation. Once it is resumed (hopefully everything works out for the team) than we will get the update on development.

You can get the update here about the F/A-18:

Happy flying!


I think not having Auto pilot makes it much more fun and challenging. What’s the point of flying if you don’t push yourself.


Hate is a strong word 😕

Yeah that is true cause the Hurricane, Lancaster and every old plane not just military don’t have autopilot

doesn’t the Super Hornet have it?

Not yet in the IF legacy version. But there is hope that it will have when it is reworked.


@Major-Tom I agree for some reasons.

  1. When flying a group flight it would allow you to stay in formation
  2. The F-14, F-16 and F-22 already have it
  3. and the A-10 has it

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