Why doesn't Expert Server have Departure frequency?

Hey everyone! I was just wondering why on Expert, there is usually only Ground, Tower, and Approach and I was curious to ask why there is no departure. I’m just curious! Thanks!

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I think it’s because nobody wants do be departure. You’ll have to ask @Tyler_Shelton.


Yes, people at IFATC have ranks. Most people only CAN control Tower, Ground and Atis. People who earn the rank of Approach and Departure will mainly go with Approach because it is more useful. At busy airports on the schedule departure is typically opened. If you want departure I recommend the peek hours of the FNF. I know last night at LIRF there was departure for quite a while.
I hope this answered your question.


Thanks! To me is obviously makes sense that approach is more useful since there are many planes. Thanks for the response!

so because we do not have many certified controllers to do the radar control, then most choose to do APPX because they can also play the role of dept, and in FNF, we have dept because it would be very difficult for the controller that s doing APPX to be able to do depat on same time due to the huge number of aircraft present at the event.

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