Why doesnt anyone fly the US on Expert.

Question: Why is it that the Training server is more popular then the Expert server? Granted, expert is tough, but why isn’t anyone there. I love flying expert but I’m all alone. Just wondering if anyone else feels this way or is it that US only gets expert fliers at z certain time. What’s the purpose of expert if no one flies on it and atc only operate in Europe or everywhere else but America.

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People tend to be attracted to where IFATC has ATC coverage at the time being.


That’s mostly Europe in Expert AND everywhere in TS. Maybe they should let TS have ATIS


Check here. Whatever region IFATC is in, thats where most of the people are in


I can’t juat realistically pop up wherever atc goes. I have to fly there.

Yep. If you watch liveflight… People will tend to fly from the region to the next days region to meet IFATC there in the morning.


When was the last time US was not involved in the weekly schedule?

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Ok, so everyone is chasing ATC. Understood.


U can close this. I understand. I’ll just stick with TS.

IFATC will be in the US on Sunday ;)


Thank u. I understand. I really like the prestige of saying I fly on Expert, but there’s simply no traffic in the region I realistically fly in. Got to stick with TS. At least there are other pilots in the sky.

Thats a fully valid point.

Infinite Flight has a wide variety of people who play this simulator and wish the same thing that you want.

There has been weeks where IFATC is in the US for 4/7 days and theres weeks where we might only be in the US for a day or two. It just depends…

You should come out to LTBA right now and just see the fun happening… lol


You have to look at the weekly ATC timetable. There are often IFATC in the US. :)

I’m not sure what you’re referring to when you say “why doesn’t anyone fly the US on Expert server”.

Couple things.

  • The US is not the only place on the surface of this planet that people want or need to fly.
  • Not everyone wants to fly in the US.
  • Not everyone here is from or resides in the US.
  • People like to spread out.
  • People like to fly where ATC is at and participate in events which may include group flights.
  • The Training Server is a whole different animal and simply cannot be compared to the Expert Server.

This is a screenshot of the expert sever. Looks like a fair amount of people flying in the US. I’m sure they feel great that you’re essentially calling them a “nobody”… 😐