Why doesn’t my iPad Pro 10.5 have “Best” rendering quality?

I was looking at the device capabilities thread yesterday and I noticed that the 2017 iPad Pro 10.5(my device) can have the rendering quality on “Best” so I went onto IF and the max setting for rendering quality was High. I’m wondering why I can’t have the Best setting. My iPhone X has the same problem.

The wording for the different levels changed. Best is no longer an option on any device since a recent update. It’s just Low, Medium and High.


That confused me when it came out to

Yea, adding on to what trio has said, i believe it was for just better device performance on all devices new and old, they changed it:)

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So does that mean “High” is the equivalent of what used to be “Best”?

Not exactly, you’ll just have to fiddle with the settings to see what works the best for you. It’s safe to say ‘High’ looks pretty good.


One more question. Has the “Ludicrous” option been removed as well?

Yes, that was removed.

Here’s a quote from Jason, in the 19.1 Update blog post:

Quality settings introduced in v19.1 reverted back to Low/Medium/High to allow more flexibility based on device performance

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