Why doesn’t Boeing build a fully double-decker aircraft?

This is an awesome article that I think that every avgeek should read:

Found it by luck. Searched photos and this popped up. And it is not so big. It could be read in 1-2 minutes. At least I read it in that time. I suggest it a lot. This was a big question for me. And I’m pretty sure that it has been a question for many of you. And when you read this, looks pretty fair too. Boeing went to near bankruptcy while designing the 747 and a full double decker will quite possibly mean Boeing’s complete bankruptcy and none of us want that. The market is demanding fast, eco-friendly and high density planes that have low operating costs and not a big double decker with 800+ passengers and sky high operating costs and an incredibly expensive price tag.


Pretty much knew all of that already 😂


Write the title of the article instead of making a clickbait title for the topic.


Not to mention if your going to build a plane with 800 passengers, be sure to find 800 passengers to fly on it.

If most major airlines can’t even fill a 747, why even bother filling up a 800 passenger double decker? It will just lose profits. If they can fill a 400-seater 747, that’ll only be 50%, which won’t give a lot of profit

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Exactly, not to mention if you grow by adding 20 77W flights a year instead of 10 A380 flights a year, you can reduce the amount of empty seats and useless weight. The only reason airlines like Emirates can fill their planes is because they have a large population of nearby connecting passengers, and on many routes such as Doha they would operate 7 77W flights whereas other airlines would operate 11-13 A320 or 737 flights.

They were considering it. But something with the Aerodynamic problems.

Exactly! Unless the airline operating this 800-seater aircraft have more than 5-star service, don’t expect any money! As DOH-DXB is a popular route in the region, the A380 would be useless. The flight is less than 75 minutes, why use a jumbo jet on a flight that’s a hour?

Thanks for posting that link, it was a very interesting read! I agree how there’s just not that big a market looking to snap up the big double-decker jumbos today, and with developing costs, fuel costs, and the the added frustrations Boeing are making a smart decision not to go onto making one. Even as can be seen with the 747-800, it’s pretty fuel efficient and not even double-decker, but there’s not too much interest in it. Airlines really just want what they can see is very fuel efficient, with the bonuses of range and speed.

The only time I would imagine using such large planes is useful is if the airport had severe slot restrictions, so operating LHR-DXB with all A380s makes sense, as LHR’s slots are about 98% filled and I can imagine DXB is not far behind.


Because Boeing is planning ahead

Had no idea that the 747-8 is newer than the 787…

But the article title is kind of clickbait.

Boeing is smart. Airbus thinks too little!


There really wasn’t a market for it, the 747-8 and A380 are already struggling, there is no need for another aircraft since existing aircraft are already unattractive enough due to their unbearably high trip costs for most airlines.

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Exactly. The 747-8F was a big hit tho.

Airlines are moving away from quad engine jets. Their operating costs are super high. Even the A380 is only really kept alive by airlines like Emirates. Building a new double decker from scratch is not really an economically viable option for Boeing.

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For freighter, yes. But not enough to sustain the line.

It’s simply because they can’t

Um, no. They could if they wanted to, but it just wouldn’t be smart economically.