Why does?

Why do people in training server crash and people in Expert sever players dont crash?

Could you please elaborate on what you’re trying to ask?

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Hello! If I’m understanding your question correctly, Expert Server players are usually more regular IF pilots who have more experience with the Sim. The Training Server has Pilots who are still getting aquianted with the Sim. Let me know if this doesn’t answer your question as I would be happy to expand more on it :)


The answer is mostly in the world « Expert »

Training looks like a second Casual server to me sometimes :) in this server you have some people that are beginning in infinite flight and need to practice, maybe they just want to practice in a live environment with other aircrafts in the map and with active ATC :) this is all the sense of the training server (even if Training word matters more for ATC Training in atc side


Then again, not everyone on Expert is an expert. From time to time you’ll see people on Expert crash as well @RTG113 but not as often as you’d do on Training where pilots over at TS are less experienced and are still in the learning process.

I mean I’ve seen quite a few pilots who’ve newly entered Expert, and crashed or even experienced ones having a bad day, or making a mistake and end up crashing.


Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has crashed and will crash every now or then. Some people aren’t skilled and get on the expert server.

the pilots on expert have more experience than the training server pilots but the thing is that the expert pilots have gone through the same thing.

@RTG113 it looks like Tom may have finally leaked your crashing pics 🤭

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