Why does xplane have buildings?

Why does xplane mobile have 3d buildings and we don’t

(not my image)

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Because our devs are focused on more important stuff. Compare the graphics from xplane 3 to IF.


But we have more regions and a handful of planes. We won’t be needing 3d buildings anytime soon.

But there isn’t that plane on the picture 😂


Come on, this has been covered many, many times in the past. You’ve been a member since May so there’s no excuse for a post like this. Do a search and enlighten yourself.


Mack that is a livery. Wez haves Cathay Pacific on the 747-400.

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X-Plane has existed a lot longer than Infinite Flight and it’s on a desktop computer. Infinite Flight is a mobile application and mobile devices simply can’t handle 3D buildings without dropping performance dramatically.

Anyways, there have been several topics already on this. Be sure to search before posting next time you create a topic. :)