Why does this happen?

Everytime I get higher the speed goes lower why does it happen? And how to fix this thing.

The simple explanation;

The higher you get, the thinner the air. Thinner air equals to lower air speed :)


How do I fix it? How to make it faster while on a high cruising altitude?

Also why are you climbing to FL500. The A380’s max altitude is FL430, which is only then achieveable when very light.

2500fpm is also too steep a climb for that altitude. What’s your weight as I can see you are at ~FL360.


Its not a bug or glitch. You go faster up there anyway :)

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Oh I didn’t know about aircrafts max cruising altitude 😆

This topic may be good for you:


What’s your weight load %? You can see it in the status bar by holding down on one of the information slots, dragging to the third column from the right, then selecting “Airplane Load”.

What happens if it’s heavy?

When you are heavy, you can’t climb as high. With the A380 at max weight, you really can’t go higher than FL320 (32000ft).

So what do we need to do if that is the situation?

Simple answer, you stall

Choose an appropriate altitude to go for the weight you have and not go FL500

Thank your so much for helping this is very much helpful I understand what to do now in these type of situations 👍😄


You can check this topic from Andrew Wu, it have appropriate altitudes for every planes on it
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