Why does this happen to me?

Ok that is very helpful! One more thing. On advance server when they tell me to decent and maintain idk let’s say 4000 ft, before I make my decent I first lower the speed to about 200knts, turn on my flight spoilers and then put 4000 in the autopilot and I usually have a 1400 what ever its called. It’s the button underneath the altitude thing. I lower the speed and turn spoilers on because it makes the aircrafts nose pull up a bit. I do this because I like to imagine that there are actually passengers on board and I want to make there flight more confortable than a nose down decent. Any way, when I reach 4,000ft the nose of the plane just pulls all the way up until it sometimes stalls and that’s when I turn on flaps so it levels out! Why does it do this? Help me


Make sure you aren’t stalling your plane, keep your airspeed decent enough in a powered descent and don’t make any sudden changes such as going from no flaps to full flaps. I usually keep my vs for descent at 2,000 so that I can get to the desired altitude faster.

Spoilers are only used when we need more drag to maintain or slow to a speed at the current descent rate, people don’t care about the pitch on approach unless you’re falling out of the sky like a canon ball.


For me I generally use 210kts IAS = Flaps 1/2 depending on weight.
Ensure you’re load is green or white rather than orange or red.

Maybe not enough speed for your current flap and spoiler configuration? And since the auto pilot is trying to maintain 4,000 it pitches up to make up for the insufficient speed? Not exactly sure.

That is what I was thinking as well! :) Could just be the configuration.