why does this always show up when i just want to make a new account?

Are you using the same email you used with any previous account you may have had before?


New accounts can only be created when purchasing a subscription at this time.

I touched the topic in my response here as well:


I was planning on making a google account and buy a subscription for it, so I can use my FB account for long haul flights.

How do I make a new account to buy a new Sub?

You will have to use a different Apple-ID/Google account for Play Store to accomplish that.

We know it’s not super convenient, but it’s currently the only way as the stores only allows one subscription product per Apple-ID/Google account

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Ok. Do I have to do it via Google Play Store? I use iPhone’s for logging in. If so, I at least have an Android I can borrow to buy it there, and then just log in through my other iPhone

You can do it using any. The account used for signing into the store just needs to be different.

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Nope it didnt work