Why does the speed increase?

On the Md-11F, if you pitch down, the speed goes up very fast, unlike any other aircraft except the 75 and 76. This makes no sense because I just got a vio when I was following a procedure that is standard in all other aircraft, and it is not mentioned that the aircraft will speed up faster when pitched down, unlike any other aircraft. Why is this, is it because it has 3 engines and one on the tail?


Not all aircrafts have the same kind of physics behavior.

Like the 777 family, the DC/MD glides very easily. And yes, the top mounted engine seems to help increase this behavior when it comes to the speeding capabilities.


And the MD-11/10(F) Are just beasts. They’re annoyingly painful to slow down sometimes but that’s what makes them absolutely fun to fly.


Imo all 777 are like that except for the 777-300ER

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Oh, thanks for the info, but it would be nice if a description for that was provided to prevent vios, as I lost grade 4, but I understand. Thanks

All aircraft have their own, unique behavior. It would be bit of a wall of text if we included these variables in the app for every aircraft. This is also why it is very important as been mentioned numerous times in this community, to monitor your flight closely during the critical phases of your flight :)

But yeah, it can definitely be annoying. Most of us have all been there and had to learn the hard way :)


That is true but you just gotta learn how to fly them that’s what’s fun

MaxSez: Professional Knowledge Gained:
interesting observation! and comments here. Odiously most IF Pilot here are not “Type Rated” in the MD-11 or any IF inventory craft you must fly them to be fully versed in there handling characteristics & Dynamics by trial, error and study.

IF does not require a “Pilots Certification to fly. Even Peanuts can strap on a Trash Hauler or GA unprepared to zoom. They learn by doing and self qualify. FYI Grades are not qualifications nor expertise.
Basic airmanship learning would have answer this question. If you scratched you head on this one I suggest your review the aircraft physics sections of the “Airplane Flying Handbook” available for free at faa.com.

Additionally, Unfortunately IF does not Test or Certify Pilot by Qualifications or Type, as could be required. See Wiki “Pilot Certification”. G’day Max


A very slippery airplane! It catches me out sometimes after not flying the type for a while.

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