Why does the overspeed limit go down as altitude increases over FL260

I want to know why. It just does not make sense.

Thank you!

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Because the air is thinner

It’s quite the complex thing, but ol’ @Brandon_Sandstrom composed this tutorial back in the days per my request to explain it all better:


thanks a lot

GS has no bearing on the aircraft only dynamic pressure as you will come to understand by reading the tutorial @schyllberg posted.

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This statement is wrong.

Someone needs to read the tutorial it seems ;)


Also incorrect the only reason you see a decrease in the IAS limitation above FL280 is because you are transitioning to Mach speed and reaching that limitation before the other.


Just realized the issues with that statement, ouch.

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Because the airspeed limit is higher than the mach limit so the mach limit takes over.

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