Why does the F22 have missles inside it?

i recently found that there where missiles in the jet and a part where it would open to launch them


Cause it’s a Fighter Jet that carries missiles


Maybe a failed dogfight feature?


👀 Space X confirmed…


The F-22 actually does carry missiles inside itself. They are hidden in a little hatch underneath the aircraft. This could be a new feature/animation if the F-22 gets worked on


It can get animated but there will be no animated cockpit since it’s one of the most secret planes in the world


You got that in writing? The displays are pretty common across fighter aircraft - it’s the functions that are secret, not the flight displays.


I’m sure the devs want to tease us with the missiles. Would be a nice feature to have multiplayer dogfights.

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That’s why the screens can’t be animated cause they said they will only do accurate systems


They carry snacks


Let me guess: They carry Mars bars.

Personally, I‘d try to look at this question of why there are missiles in the F-22 from a more philosophical viewpoint.

Somebody added those rockets in the full knowledge that they wouldn’t be visible. They’re only visible when you’re actively looking for them. Maybe this is what the developers wanted. They wanted you to actively look for them and finding them would be your reward.

Any maybe, those missiles are only a metaphor for something much bigger. Let’s say the F-22 represents your life and the rockets the purpose of life. You don’t see the purpose of your life just by watching yourself in the mirror. No, it is hidden. And if you want to figure it out, you have to look for it. And once you’ve looked, you may find it and be rewarded. Thank you developer, for this lesson.

Or maybe it’s just an easter egg.


Pretty sure the aircraft devs are just perfectionists and found models with the weapons in so just copied that lol


Probably. But I love to philosophize, don’t take that away from me! 😂


Apologies, Pluto


It’s to make sure the plane is always carrying freedom

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Ya, but I think @Mags885 has a point. I saw in interview with one of it’s pilots, and while he said he couldn’t say specifics about the cockpit, it was a pretty standard cockpit, with a few spacial tricks. Most of the info up there is speed, altitude, etc. We can atleast make a pretty good guesd at it. Also Mags knows a thing or two about fighters, I’d trust his word here…


Let’s hold up here KPIT. I know a couple of former F-22 pilots and a couple gens in the USAF. When I was younger I asked quite a bit about the F-22. The systems are secret. Anything known about them from photographed displays comes from “washed” version. Essentially low grade combat ready aircraft that are running “training” software that are missing a couple of key aspects. What you see out there in photos and information released is all about those washed versions. The pilots I know have said that there is a huge difference in the information being displayed between what they used during basic flight training in the F-22 and the combat ready F-22s they would fly. What that interviewed pilot was saying is that the systems in the F-22 include some run of the mill systems. He is not saying anything about how the systems differ from say an F15/16 and the F-22. With respect, I wouldnt trust someone whose line of work is in another foreign military who doesnt work with deployed F-22s. He may know a thing or two about shared fighter systems but the F22 is strictly US only knowledge when it comes to the classified information.


Here is where it gets awkward… I have deployed with F22 aircraft more times than I have Typhoon.

I know more about the F22 than a good deal of my US counterparts and I also note that you have commented on a “washed down version” which is exactly what I have already discussed. So with respect, before concluding that my “foreign military” knowledge from multiple deployments with F22 should be written off - I suggest asking me about how indepth my knowledge actually is.


Cockpit of the F22


Looks like an f18 the throttle and joystick are like the thrust master tflight hotas in design