Why does the Boeing 737’s gear change colors

Hello I was wondering why the 737’s gear color change and i would like to keep it white at all time I’m not sure how to do that any suggestions?

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Due to new texture and the shine of the sun on the wheels that is why the wheels look different which really isn’t an issue

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Gotcha thanks!

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No Problem :D

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I don’t believe the 737 got new textures…can you please confirm this with proof?

@RyMan, more information is needed in terms of the gear “changing color”. Perhaps a photo showing this would help.

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I don’t have a photo rn but as you can see the shine of the aircraft has basically change on any aircraft you see during sunset or sunrise the aircraft starts to shine or look like metal

I didn’t ask for a photo, I asked for proof that the 737 did indeed receive new textures, because as far as I remember, only some of the older aircraft received new textures.

Sure I’ll show a photo!

Oh, well that’s got nothing to do with texture changes @CaptainAli_yt. The livery is meant to have gray textures, including the gear, because that’s how it looks in the real world. And no, you cannot change the color.

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Gotcha thanks for the help!

Ah Ok I thought he was talking about how the gear looks during different times not the color of it lol

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