Why does the Avro RJ100 have 4 engines?

I have seen a few of these and thought wow why did they need 4 engines for a shorthaul aircraft?

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Because 4 engines simply look better than two on that plane. Just kidding, I have no idea at all.
But it definitely has nothing to do with range.


The aircraft must need them as they dint add more engines then are needed to waste airlines money in fuel costs, most likely the obvious reason because that’s how many engines are needed for it to fly as each engine may bit produce enough power. I’m not sure though so I would wait for a expert to tell you :)


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Lol. Exactly what I was thinking.

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Yeah, such as at full power maybe each one gives off 25%ish?

After I’ve done some research, the most plausible answer I found was that back in the day the engines were not producing enough thrust to design this aircraft as a twin.

PS: Google is a helpful tool


The Avro RJ100 was first designed with two engines. But the engineers decided to use four engines to ensure excellent takeoff performances from short runways, even when it gets hot and high. Therefore, the RJ100 is perfectly adapted to very short runways.


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When the aircraft was designed, 2 high power engines were very loud! So they decided to use 4 lower power, quieter engines!