Why does the app turn off when you just leave the app for a few seconds?

I wanted to use my phone camera to take a pic, only a few seconds, then when I got back into the game, it brought me to the home page!!? I was in the middle of flying!! Why does this happen? And will this problem get fixed? Sometimes, I can leave the app for a few seconds and there’s no problem.


This is not something that’s controlled by the app. But your operating system.

If the system decides it needs to free up performance resources to complete a certain task, it will kill processes running in the background that uses a lot of those resources. Infinite Flight is usually one of those unfortunately.


Oh… but it doesn’t happen to me that often.

Does it help if I delete some useless apps?

Nope. It’s not about storage.
Restarting your device before a flight might help though.


Okie, I’ll try that next time

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