Why does the app keep crashing?

Does anybody know why does Infinite Flight last few flights keep crashing on me?

Hey @Matevz_Treven

Before we can assist you, we’re going to need much more information than that! Can you start off with device, os version etc? Help us help you!


Ok so device is Huawei Mate 10 lite and model RNE-L21.

Okay, so based on your device, the only thing of note is that it’s a year and a half old, plus it has a lower power Kirin 659 processor.
Do you find the app just crashes randomly, or are there any specific aircraft that you’re having issues with?

Are you using any third party add-ons?
When it crashes does it give you an android crash message or does the app just close?
What are your graphics settings in the sim?
How much free storage space do you have?

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It just crashes randomly for bout 10-20 seconds basically frezzes and then notification that the game crashed pops up._

I’m going to leave this in the hands of @Chris_S seeing as he’s around, and he’s more knowledgeable than I am, so contact him further 🙂

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Let’s take a look at your graphics settings when you get a chance.

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Nope no third party addons, Yes i get android crash massage. Graphic settings are: Rendering quality : Low Rendering Resolution: High Anti-Aliasing: Off. And i have 5,26 GB free storage.

  • Reboot your device
  • Close all other running apps
  • Try a flight with the following settings.
    Rendering Quality - Low
    Rendering Resolution - Low
    Texture Quality - Low
    Anti Aliasing - Off
    Limit Frame Rate - ON

Thanks for all your help!

Thanks for the help!

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