Why does the aircraft not yaw when I yaw?

Okay, just a simple flight physics question.
Normally when you use the rudder and steer left, the aircraft will yaw left. In Infinite flight aircraft just tend to slip. You can basically slip easily and dont even have to work with the aileron and elevator against that.
Why is that?


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It depends on which aircraft. Usually the older ones slide everywhere, but the new ones are fine.

You lost me man. If you use the rudder it will yaw, if you turn the Alerons it will roll. The rolling senseation when yawning isn’t there if that’s what your talking about. If not I’m at a loss as to what you mean.


Hmm not quite. PMed you, after a lot of testing I think its just not possible (yet).

I’m a bit the same… lost.

But my tip is for you to just simply turn the opposite way from which the wind is directing & pushing you

yea I know how to slip. The slip works well, just the rudder isnt doing what its supposed to do imo.


If it’s not sharp enough you may have your rudder sensitivity down. Either way, could be a bug than.

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