Why does the A330 have wingflex but no realistic fan blades (more details in the description)

Just to inform the people who will read this: I started playing IF in around May 2017. I played for about a year but stopped because of school and other reasons in around June 2018. I was away from infinite flight for about a year but I recently renewed my pro subscription and I’m gonna start flying again. Since I was away for about a year, I don’t know what happened during that time so I apologize if my question seems a bit strange.

Onto the actual question: I just flew the WOW air A330 from JFK to Iceland and I noticed the amazing wingflex which wasn’t there when I last played a year ago. I thought there must’ve been an update or a small rework or something done to the A330 but I was surprised to see that there still weren’t fan blades. I’m just wondering why the fan blades were not included in the same update as the wingflex. If anyone knows the answer please tell me. Thanks

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There was an update to the physics or 19.1 due to high demand of the aircraft being flyable. It was a quick addition made by Laura along with the much desired wingflex. These are quick changes/additions done in the weeks before release so it’s not like a rework was really done.


Thanks for the info. I appreciate it! I’m looking forward to flying the A350 but that’s gonna be out around the end of the year (at least that’s what I heard)


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