Why does the a320 family look weird from the back

I have only just realised this because I have been flying the 757 a lot, but I have just noticed that from the back the a320 family looks weird, or is this just me?

It would help if you can explain what you exactly mean by “weird”. You can compare the model to real life photos to see if it is accurate.

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Does it look normal? 😂

The APU looks a bit high, but that is most likely the camera angle.

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You should be more specific as to what looks “weird”.

Can you provide some more detail please? Does it look weird compared to the IRL A320? Does it look weird compared to other planes? Pictures or anything to support your claim are appreciated.


I mean, it looks normal compared to this photo. Maybe it’s not the exact same thing cause of the camera angle but you can perfectly notice the APU is kind of high compared to other aircraft maybe(?

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What do mean weird, it looks alright to me

It looks fine to me.

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Hello, sorry for the late reply, it looks back to normal now, I think the physics may have looked a bit off due the the update we had in December, but maybe it was just me. Sometimes after updates some things look a bit off but it’s fine as it always is repaired.

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