Why does the A320, 787 and Q400 veer to the right?

Same issue, no winds, seems to happen around 130-140kt.


it is calibrated, ive been doing that

For me only in the Q400 and no winds.


Then I guess I’m out of ideas

Try redownloading loading the app.

Please give us more details like your device and OS info so we can help you better

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That won’t do anything

You’re Taxiing at 100kts!

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this happens to me with sr22

This is probably a crosswind takeoff. To deal with this tilt your device towards the wind as you takeoff and use rudder to keep center. There is nothing else to cause this. I see pilots veer off the runway daily due to wind.

Unable to reproduce with any of the mentioned aircrafts. Sounds like a cross wind issue as people have said, but it can’t be if you have winds at zero.

Could you please provide more details such as device, operating system, flap setting, weight etc?

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I’ve had a similar issue, I took off with a 747-400 from KNUC and all of a sudden my plan flew to the right off the runway in the air and did a 540 before crashing?

I’ll try and record a video for you when I get home

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Try gradually tilting your device back, ever so gently as you increase speed for take off taking pressures of the front wheel. If there’s a crosswind beyond 10 kts, then in any prop or lighter aircraft you’ll have to take great care of maintaining rudder control.

I don’t have this trouble.
Try to calibrate your device.

Never had this happen to me before.

Sometimes for me too

110 KTS is too slow for the Boeing 787 and a320. In this case you will stall. That’s why it veers to the right. For the Dash-8. I am not sure

They turn into the wind when rotating (when you pull up).

Simply put the rudder in the opposite direction of the wind and put the airplane straight :)

You might also want to check to see if Auto-Coordination is off as well. Maybe that’s the problem.

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