Why does the 747 have more attention than the A380?

The 747 is an ok aircraft for today but the a380 has all of today’s standards x2 really but hardly no attention but it being the largest passenger jet!?

Because the 747 was created 46 years ago and began the era of mass travel at lower prices.
And also because of its hump.


Even today it gets more
I say the a380 is better

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Gets more what?

😶😶😶😶 Attention

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Neither of them have had many purchases recently it’s just that the 747 has been around longer

The 747 was the right plane at the right time. The a380 was the right plane but 46 years late


Because it was made in the 21st century where computers come up with everything. The 747 was made 46 years ago when people drew all the plans and blueprints. They also made it in a very very short amount of time. I think the a380 was delayed for along time. That is my reason why the a380 did not get as much attention as the queen of the skies.

The A380 can carry more passengers in a decent configuration both first and second floor. There’s a lot of space, too.

For one the 747 has more models. :)


The 747 has global recognition from several different types of movies, as well as Air Force One being a 747 which is known by many. Also the 747 has the name of the original Jumbo Jet and is featured on more social aspects, such as toys and games.


It might be my different experiences, but the A380 gets tons of attention.

Be it in an airplane or dtiving by the perimemter, non avgeeks will occasionally get moderately excited to see “the massive teo sotry airliner”. Many folks look upon the A380 with awe, since it is the largest certified passenger sircraft (By multiple metrics).

That said, the 747 has much more history, sentimental value, influence, and was unique when it was created. A380 is merely an improvement on the 747 concept (Albeit not very successful…)


The 747 was a gamble for Boeing. They were competing with Concorde at the time. In fact, the development team for the 747 was given the bare minimum because Boeing pooled all their resources into their own supersonic plane. Eventually people realized going supersonic wasn’t the way to go and the 747 was born, revolutionizing air travel for all. As @Sturmovik mentioned, it began a new era of travel for lower prices. With its rich history and beauty, thats why I believe it is popular. Its also very versatile (freighter versions, air force versions) and the fact the POTUS uses it as their presidential plane. Theres a myriad of reasons.


The new B747-800 will replace the current Air Force One. Boeing will continue to build the President’s planes. Also, they just landed a 1.5 Billion dollar deal with the 748. I chose it over the A380.

The 747 has been around for a long time (46 years) it’s had many many many faults and crashes (over 10-20 crashes) but the A380 has had no fatal crash in 10 years! The A380 offers soo much more than the 747, sometimes even I get shocked why the 747 gets more attention than the A380! Personally I love the a380! But it’s really up to your opinion, I think the A380 is way better than the 747! :)

The 747 was born when there were less safety precautions and less technology so of course it has more crashes. If the a380 was born 46 years ago, it would have quiet a few crashes 😉

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Good point!

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I bolide the a380 is 200x better the 747
I have been on both, the a380 is quieter, more economic and does this whilst carrying 3-500 people!

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For 46 years Airbus have been figuring out how to so such a thing

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