Why does SimBrief not account for SID/STAR altitude restrictions when planning TOC and TODs?

When I was flying from KBOS to KBWI as SWA1253, SimBrief set my TOD at the Maryland/Pennsylvania Border, by fix COPES, with TOD being 3956N/7539W which caused me to not be in alignment withe the TRISH3 STAR altitude restictions. For example, with fix FREEE, I was supposed to be between 11000 ft and 8000 ft at a speed no greater the 250 kts, standard for below 10000 ft, but Simbrief wants me to be there at 21300 feet. However, with the real life flight, it started to descent on the New Jersey/Pennsylvania border somwehere north of Trenton, NJ, which i would assume allow the aircraft to be within the restrictions of the STAR’s altitude restictions. Why does SimBrief do this? Which altitude should i follow? SimBrief or the STAR chart?

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Simbrief doesn’t tend to account for altitude restrictions so if your TOD or TOC doesn’t seem to make much sense, just plug in your altitude restrictions for VNAV to handle it on descent. Though you’ll have to keep an eye on your climb if you’ve restrictions on the SID.

As for speed restrictions, you’ll need to manage it manually. Though I tend to sometimes just ignore the restriction if I can still fly the STAR properly at my own speed.

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