Why does Ryanair get so much hate?

Seen a similar topic but it got closed, because it was in general, not in RWA. Also, no propper answers were provided. You can close this topic if it is needed.

Ryanair gets so much hate, but why? I have travelled with them a lot of times and I have nothing to complain about them. Of course they could be be better, but come on, for 20€ do you expect a regular airline service?
But what annoys me the most is that people criticize Ryanair based on just one flight. From all the 10 times i travelled with them, all the landings were normal, just one was hard, and the service isnt bad at all. They made some hard landings and now everyone thinks they always hit the runway hardly. When i go spotting, i dont see Ryanair making hard landings, just regular ones. Dont forget that regular airlines also make hard landings. Why cant this be like that video in Düsseldorf with that EK’s A380? Everyone knows that they usually butter, they made a hard landing and no one criticizes them (Im well aware that they are a 5* airline and that in that video the conditions were awful). Why cant people act the same way with Ryanair? Now most people have a bad idea about RYR, but why? Because some youtubers tend to mock them even more (you know who i am talking about). It is the same way with Spirit, because some american friends of mine say that they dont deserve so much hate.

I would like to hear your opinions.

To conclude, i know i will get a lot of hate, but I dont think this is fair at all for Ryanair.
Thanks for reading.

Oh, btw, i recommend RYR.


If you have seen a similar topic that has been closed. Why create a new one?
All your answers are on the other one.

Also are people not allowed to have their own opinion of an airline anymore?


One word, really. Snobbery.

Because the other didnt get any propper answers. It got closed right away

Maybe it’s because if all the hidden charges. My parents recently went on it and for them it was confusing and for me, to understand the extra charges and the baggage allowance. Needless to say when we go to Ireland next month we are going straight with Aer Lingus as it’s just as cheap but is hassle free.

If it’s for a trip with no luggage or anything then I can see how it would be useful especially if the cost of the fare was extremely cheap compared to other airlines but that’s not always the case.


Thanks for your reply. At least someone cares about answering propperly.

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Totally with you on that, (studying RN will edit soon)

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Not really sure. I mean, the landing was AMAZING!


First of all, I like this topic and it’s an interesting question.
I been frequently flying Ryanair for the past 7 years.
Fristly, I think why people don’t like them very much because of the general costumer service they provide. Also at most Airports their Check in is in a different place very far away, unexpected gate changes and gates at the furthest side of they airport or no gates at all. (Talking if that kind of stuff I really prefer easyJet for example)
Another reason (and I believe it’s true) are the hard landings. Compared to an airline like Lufthansa or Iberia for example, Ryanair does touch down much harder. (Also their pilots aren’t as qualified and sometimes overworked, but that is a different discussion)
Plus, they have an aggressive style of marketing. A few years ago I saw slogans like “Bye bye easyJet” on a Ryanair aircraft.


All 737 lands hard. (JK back to studying)

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I think as mentioned its the petty charges they impose on you, but similarly I have travelled with them and had nothing to complain about. In fact, the got be from a to b on time with no delays and no hassle whilst offering a pleasant in flight service (although you have to pay for it) with the crew being very nice. Overall I am also confused why they get so much hate.

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I Agree with you completely, dont understand why Ryanair is so hated. that youtube channel “Swiss001” gets on my nerves sometimes. I believe that Ryanair could be better service wise, however the landings are not to complain… Strong crosswind Hard landings occur to everyone, not only Ryanair.

I Guess Ryanair is so hated because its what people generally think. Since there are so much hater videos on the net, a person who never flew with it already has its mindest set up, unfortunately…


But thats not usual. Of course this is not the only time this happened, but when the runway is short, what can you do? Dont forget that other 737 operators also make hard landings.

Yeah, if i want to see unreal stuff about Ryanair i might see it right away.

Sounds like Keemstar, “Why am I still getting hate?” That’s what ryanair is saying lol

Thank you very much for sharing your opinion. I really apreciate it!

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No thank you. Swiss uploads no good videos based on stereotypes. Nothing further from the truth.


Thats 100% true, but in youtube market people somehow find it amazing. But the point of the video is not Swiss. Anyway, thanks for agreeing with me.

It ends up being a fiery agrument of a completely unrelated topic.


You are right, Id rather say Ryanair and Spirit are unfairly “hated” by public opinion. Swiss makes 1 minute videos without using his own footage (he uses random photos from internet) and still gets likes… Dont know how he has not recieved any strikes yet.

Now lets get back on topic…