Why does one JetBlue A320 have sharklets and one doesn't?

Why is it like this

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I don’t know but I sure do prefer no sharklets. Looks better

That photo in the aircraft menu was taken during the development of the A320, maybe the devs realized that the livery doesn’t have sharklets IRL so they removed them before the update but never replaced the previous photo with a new one.

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I honestly prefer with sharklets…

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Originally it had sharklets but they were not on that JetBlue so to correct it that put wingtip fences but the image remains the same.
Same deal with Jetstar, Vueling etc…

This was also discussed previously

Yes they should give it winglets. It bothers me a lot

they should give the jetblue a320 an up to date livery so it can have sharklets :)

This happened with the easyJet A320 family aircraft, after a few days from the release they put the shark lets on one plane and removed them from the other

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Maybe if we push for a livery with sharklets it will come. Same happened with Jetstar.