Why does nobody join my group flight?

Why does nobody join my group flight I had a group flight a couple weeks ago for my birthday and nobody joined on the other hand for moderators and regulars birthdays lots of people come. How do I get people to join my flights?

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It depends on the time, how long the flight is and if it’s interesting to them. Usually group flights by mods are more attractive but I’ve never really seen that before.


It’s not your fault. 3 hours notice isn’t exactly sufficient.


Definitely not, unless you’re on the IFC 24 hours per day, 7 days a week

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There are of course, many reasons. Mainly, people tend to be busy at times and maybe the time is not working out for them (Them also includes myself). Perhaps you could post a group flight when they are more available to join in? Like in the evening, perhaps.

Attractiveness is also what @TheAviationGallery mentioned. You could attract users with a picture and make the thread more easy to read.

Three hours is a small time gap. It happens. Creating a group flight topic is something extra, someone to just join in for the fun. If it is your birthday and you really would like people to join in, you could create a #live:events topic.

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Hi! Sorry about that, the notice is actually short. I recommend next time making a longer timeline and also like Kuba said, it has to be in the live events topic category.


I was like you when u first started creating group flights and I made the same topic you did. I kept on hosting more and people would join! Pick routes that are popular and fit potentially with the IFATC schedule. Time is key you have to be patient otherwise you’ll have no luck.

Make some friends here! This is the perfect place to do so. Once you have a few your going to want to fly with them all the time. But you have to be patient. Like @TheAviationGallery and @Kuba_Jaroszczyk said make it more attractive, images, information about the destination etc… Just be patient and you’ll get people to come. Hope this helps and have a great day!


I’d say making a well done event would attract people. Normally group flight don’t attract much people.

Happy late birthday, though!


Happy late birthday! 🥳

I totally understand. To be honest, 3 hours isn’t much warning, but hey, it’s the rule. 3 hours isn’t enough, especially when the flight is posted when the IFC is really quiet. I normally just PM people either beforehand, or just when I want to fly, cause making topics for these things has never worked well for me either. 😂

Just don’t take it personally if nobody shows up, it’s not your fault. I’m sure everyone was happy for you though, it’s your birthday! (or was). 🍰

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Hey @InfiniteFlightGeek !

For making events, I think you may find this tutorial very useful: 👍😀

Here are some tips and tricks I use to make the event popular:

  • When I am creating my events, I always make sure the event gets bumped up to the top if the IFC so when people login, they see the event immediately. Usually, i would do this around 2300Z to 0000Z, as this is when the IFC is the busiest. To bump the topic up, I would just write something like: “Event is in — Days! Lets get some more sign ups!”

  • Also, when I make some new topics, I also advertise my IF event by tagging it or manually inputing the event link at the bottom of the topic. This will help as people will see the event when clicking on the topic.

  • When I am creating the flights for the flight sim event, I want to have a good baalnce between long haul and shirt flights. Personalley, I have found out that events with a lot if short haul flights attract the mlst people. A lot of people may not have the time to do laung hauls or ahort hauls. So maintaining an equal balance will definitely help!👍😀

  • With the aircraft, I would always try to have the most popular aircraft in IF with the flyout or the newer and well made aircraft. Planes such as the new 777-200, A350, 737, A320, 747 etc.

  • Find an interesting but un-used airport. Finding an airport that is interesting but not often used will keep the fly outs fresh and unique.

These are one of my most important tips and tricks for making an amazing flyout!

I hope you find this helpful! 😀👍

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I wouldn’t be discouraged. Group Flights are quite spontaneous and pilots may not be available at the flight time. It takes time to find your niche, keep going!

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