Why does no one fly to South America?

Why no one flies to there? every-time I check the data it’s always empty. What wrong with that place?


It hasn’t all got the best imagery available so maybe that’s why


On training and casual: Most people know about KSFO, KLAX, and London Heathrow.

On Expert: People follow IFATC around. When they are in South America, it is busy. When they are not, it’s not so busy.

As Simple as That


As Chatta said, it probably has to do with the 300m imagery as opposed to 15m imagery that you would find in North America or Europe

It’s kinda sad that South America doesn’t have great imagery, with all of the potential there. I’d bet that I’ve the Amazon would be up there with the Himilayas for GA flying if it had better imagery. Just my 2 cents.


If IFATC were there more e.g. the schedule had it on there for a day it would be more busy, however, it’s not a good idea to only offer ATC there when the scenery isn’t great as it makes a massive difference to the pilots flying and I don’t think that’s the way to go bout pleasing the expert server pilots.


I would fly there alot if there was good scenery. I’m guessing other people are the same.

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How does IFATC decide where to go?

The IFATC schedule posted by Tyler.

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Can you send a link?

Here you go :)

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For me, there is usually nothing really pulling me to fly there, and since the scenery is lower quality it is just nicer to fly in NA, EU, etc…

Not nessarly because I don’t want to fly there…


I do every once and a great while

South America is definitely a missing link in my Infinite Flight journeys. I’ve only flown there once or twice for a short while when ATC was active there.

The scenery is what hinders me the most from flying. Nothing grand to see out of the window and there are no cool screenshots to take.

This is definitely a region I’d like to appreciate more though. Lots of cool flights to do with some liveries I rarely use. :)


Me personally, I’ve only been to South America like once or twice and all of them were because of me flying for a VA (AAVA). Honestly, South America doesn’t have the best scenery, as stated there a lot of times, but the main reason why I don’t go there is because I don’t live in South America. Most of my flights are domestic flights within the United States, where I live. You would see me doing a lot of flights to/from the United States, especially at my home airport, KSJC.

I don’t often do international flights unless they include the United States (KSFO-LFPG or LFPG-KSFO) or have interesting routes (YPPH-EGLL or EGLL-VHHH).

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For me It is the scenery. As soon as that gets cleared up I will do lots of flights to and from South America.

The main reason for me is the scenery. But another reason is that we don’t have many liveries on multiple aircraft to fly in South America.
I do appreciate the recent addition of GOL on the 738, and Tam on the A319 when it was released

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This map shows where all of the large edited airports are. Where you see a concentration - is where people typically fly.

Yeah, it’s probably the imagery, but personally, I enjoy a nice flight from Aeroparque Jorge Newberry to Ushuaia in the Aerolineas 737-800

May just be me, but there is no image :)