Why does my Plane turn very slow sometimes?

Sometimes when I fly in an aircraft Boeing 777 or a319 or a330 or something and I turn to the left because I make an flight plan and then I turn left to my destination it turns very slowly and sometimes I cant reach it to get to my next waypoint I discorvered it happens when I go like above 250 knots or higher can someone explain why it does that and is that in real life too?

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Hello, this is not a bug. Whenever I fly a plane to make a turn it’s always slow except the A320 family. I recommend to start turning at 25-35. You can view ETE to Next by switching your aircraft information on the bottom.

If you’re talking about how autopilot makes slow turns, then there is nothing you can do to make it turn faster (unless you disengage autopilot and turn manually). All you can do is plan the turn before the fix/waypoint arrives. If you see you are turning soon, start the turn a minute (or as required) before you reach the turn in the flight plan rather than waiting until you are on top of it.

Alright thnx because when I am below 250 knots it turns a lot faster

Yeah. The slower you are, the quicker you can turn. At high altitudes and high speeds, plan turns accordingly and long before they arrive.

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Turn before you get to the next waypoint depending on how tight the turn is and always be at slower speeds when turning but you could also turn much earlier and still be at a higher speed 😉

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