Why Does My Phone Get So Hot?

i am playing infinite flight and my iPhone 6s plus is getting quite hot… can anyone think of why?


Restart your device, close background app’s, reduce screen brightness.

It is normal for your device to get hot while running Infinite Flight, it may help to close other apps while playing or restart your device by holding the power and home button.


Infinite flight is a very demanding flight flight simulator and is stressful on your device.

Is my device being harmed by the overheating?

As long as the device does not shut itself down from overheating and it is not too hot to touch, it should be fine.


How would he know it’s hot if it didn’t feel hot? Lol

I mean if it’s too hot to touch comfortably, like if it burns your hand.

i measured the temperature of it… it is 35 degrees celcuis, which is 95 degrees fahrenheit… too hot or no?

No, some graphic cards run at over 60 degrees celsius, your device is not being harmed.

graphics cards in phones or in computers?

is there anyone else out there who could let me know if my device is at risk of being damaged

Your device is safe, don’t worry. Mine always gets hot.

I’m sure you can find good information on the web about iPhone overheating damage

Computers, although the principle is the same, those components are made to be heated, they are supposed to heat up during operation. If you’re worrying about heat, keep your phone off, then no heat will be produced by its components.

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Excessive heat does damage electronics. Phones don’t have large heatsinks and are susceptible to damage. It depends on the thermal specs of the components in your device – and generally aren’t that forgiving for consumer grade parts.

But, it’s a phone. Even if you abuse it with some heat it won’t kill it overnight. Keep playing IF and don’t worry!

The thing is, those processors are underclocked to save power, there is no way the temperature will reach critical levels. If it does, the iPhone is designed to automatically shut down to prevent further damage.

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Thank you all for your help and suggestions :D

Because it is a hot game😉

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