Why does my crj lean to the right on takeoff

im practicing my takeoffs and landings in the crj 900 and it keeps leaning to the right and when I rotate it spins to the left does someone know why and how to fix it

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With a little more information I´m sure we can help you. Are you using the rudder? Is there a Crosswind at the airport you´re trying to take off from?


i was taking off lga runway 13 and i do believe where was a crosswind and yes i was using the ruder

I have the experience that the CRJ is easily pushable by the wind, so if there is any wind it automatically leans to a side due to its light weight

you may have been using it wrong that might be why or not using enough of it.

Depending on wind direction, if the CRJ’s are not setup right they will lift the tail on takeoff.
What work for me, is adjusting tail trim to -15 to -20 degrees and pulling back at around 130knts. The old girl generally flies a butter takeoff.
Those settings are not for landing though as you’ll slam the nose down.
On landings, try 20-28 degrees positive trim at landing speed of 130-135 knts, flaring at 60ft. She usually settles right in and lands nicely.
Be aware of wind directions. The CRJ buffets around in winds easily.
Hope that helps.

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Take a look at this tutorial on Crosswind Takeoffs:

does the crj have raas?

Not relevant. RAAS is not present in Infinite Flight and is completely irrelevant to a crosswind takeoff.

i want to know because i have if assistant and i want to know if i should turn it on or not

Oh right. None of the aircraft in IF have RAAS built in so I always have RAAS on in IF-A.

Since the CRJ is a smaller aircraft, you may have to use your ailerons as well as the rudder to keep on the centerline

When taking off in a crosswind with the crj, make sure to put your ailerons into the wind and use the rudder to keep centerline. The CRJ is a tricky aircraft to master but it becomes a joy to fly once you master the technique.

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