Why does my autopilot bank so quickly?

I use autopilot frequently in most jets in Infinite Flight. Almost every plane I fly has something strange about the heading on autopilot. When I change the heading on an aircraft, say, from 100 to 150, in autopilot, the plane quickly banks to the right, instead of gently changing direction like it would in real life. Why does this happen? Is it just me or is this happen to everyone?

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This is a known issue.


Ok I thought it was just me. It’s really weird and it takes a lot of realism out of the navigation in Infinite Flight.

You can vote for smoother autopilot here:


You can easily fix this by changing the heading slowly by one digit at a time. But referring to NAV System the aircraft does turn quite rapidly. I hope the staff will fix this, and yet they know about this situation.


I notice it more on smaller planes the Citation and TBM the change of direction with the AP on is quite viloent. Better be strapped in if there’s a turn coming up ;)


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