Why does my A350-900 auto pilot does this?

Well as you see autopilot is off but 1 second before it it was still on and it turns about 15 degrees left then right then left then right it keeps on doing that when I’m close to 40,000 feet. I’m trying to get a Easter egg to see if it is real

Your aircraft is too heavy unfortunately, therefore your aircraft stalled (Which is why your aircraft kept rolling to the left and to the right). If you want to get to FL420 (To be able to play the Atari Game), there are 2 ways to get it

  • Lighten up your aircraft load, so the plane can immediately climb to the high altitude (Preferrably below MLW if you only want to play the game)
  • Step climb before reaching FL420 if you want to keep your heavy aircraft load. Here’s a tutorial for step climbing

Hopefully it helps :D


If your doing to longer flight you will have to step climb throughout your flight. Also try to wait till you below max landing weight to do it. Also A Guide to Step Climbing

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Ok thank you for saying

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