Why does my 747-8 always away violently from left to right at cruise altitude?

So I love to fly the 747-8 in real life, but whenever I try to fly it in the sim, the planes always swerves left to right very aggressively when I hit cruise altitude. Any ideas anyone?

Is it possible that you’re too heavy? Are you step climbing?

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I’ve had this issue. What’s your speed?

same yesterday I was flying the 747 Alaska airline from seattle to anchorage and halfway throught the flight the plane was swerving left to right I tried putting the the flaps 0 and the power 100 and then slowly its started to become better. can pls someone tell me what I am doing is right or wrong??

Mach 0.75-80

I’ve had this issue before too. I believe it sways if you are too high and too heavy. It’s best to climb in small increments and gradually increase your speed. The 747-8 is kind of a wonky aircraft.

Do you fly 747-8 irl in cruise at M 0.75-80?

Okay, you are way too slow.

Try speeding up to 0.85.


As others said, speed up!

The 747 is the fastest liner in the sky, flying that slow made it risk to stall.

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No, I do not fly irl, but yes, I thought I was flying too slow. I can never find the right cruise speeds for the aircraft

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This topic includes cruise speeds as well and seems pretty accurate (regarding the speeds) to me on a first look:

Thanks guys! I’ve been flying at around Mach 0.85-88 and it’s been working great!

Remember that, the faster you fly the more fuel you’ll burn, so for the Boeing 747-8, try to keep it at Mach 0.86, which is the optimal cruising speed for the aircraft :)

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Thanks. I will keep that in mind

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