Why does moving the rudder on takeoff cut the autothrottle?

The other day, I was taking off from KSAN and set my speed to 250kts so I didn’t violate the speed restriction in live. I was a bit off the centre line to I moved my rudder to centre the aircraft and after a few nudges the throttle cut off! I didn’t actually realise this for a bit until the aircraft started to slow its rate of acceleration. I have heard that the rudder can be used for braking on a previous post by @Sturmovik but I wonder if anyone else can please give me some info to why this happens? Thanks!

Wait so you moved your rudder and then throttle cut to 0%?

Wow, that is weird if so.

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Yes the rudder, if swiped downwards, acts as a brake. It is easier to do that if you’re using a tab

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Yeh just a few adjustments and it completely throttled back?!

But why would it cut the throttle? Is it like a whole aircraft system brake?

Honestly I’ve never suffered from such a problem before… I do use my rudder to align my plane with the runway even during takeoff roll…

You shouldn’t use the A/P for takeoff since IF doesn’t feature an Autothrottle/Autothrust system (yet).


What plane did you use?

Boeing 737-700

Alright, I’ll test this with taking off using A/P and fiddling with the rudder… Will get back to you if I see anything weird

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Oh ok, Thanks for that advice.

I’ll try again as well.

Results are out… The A/P automatically disconnects when you rotate


That didn’t happen for me. IT only cut out when I used my rudder. I was just adjusting to line up properly but the A/T cut out after 3 or 4 Nudges!!! My rudder movements were not unusual or aggressive! Any staff can you please provide answers?

I just tried the steps you mentioned and the throttle did not cut out. Even while braking with the rudder slider it didn’t cut out, so the problem isn’t braking.

As explained above, you shouldn’t really use the autopilot speed setting for takeoff as this is designed for cruise and will set the throttle to 100% power which is too much. Also, you dont have to speed up to 250kts just because that’s the maximum within the limit, why rush?

Any autopilot system should be turned on once well airborne. I fly manual on my initial departure until I reach around 2000/3000ft.

Max Asks. How can you swipe the rudder downward?

It isn’t visually showed, but hold on the rudder while you drag downwards. It works as a brake. You have to drag it towards the bottom of the screen.


@Samuel123abc@NatIsrael972. MaxSez… Got it. I now remember that feature. Thanks for the correction.

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Easy fix don’t use the autopilot for take off and landing. Learn how to aviate not game.