Why does LiveFlight Horizon have different annual prices on different platforms?

I have recently looked at the LiveFlight Horizon prices for mobile and web. For a one year subscription on the web, it is $19.99. For a one year subscription on the LiveFlight App, it is $29.99. Why are there different prices for the same subscription on the web and app? Will LiveFlight Horizon work on the app if I buy it from the online website? Thank you

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I found the following explanation in a help article on help.liveflightapp.com. Hope that helps!

Why is pricing for iOS different to on the web?

Developing the iOS app took a lot of time, involved a lot of effort and was expensive to produce. Our aim is to provide awesome free apps and services for the Infinite Flight community.

When handling payments via the App Store, Apple take a 30-40% commision of each sale (depending on currency exchange and other factors). In addition to this, maintaining LiveFlight involves a substantial cost (of both time and money) for Cam.

In order to continue providing LiveFlight, we decided to raise the price slightly for LiveFlight Horizon if purchased via iOS (whilst still keeping a good deal for yearly subscribers). We hope that this isn’t seen as an inconvenience, and appreciate the support you provide by subscribing to Horizon.


Thank you very much! This is very helpful and answered my question!

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Then I have a question. If you buy horizon on iOS, can you use the browser? And vice versa? @Cameron

Yes - Horizon subscriptions work across LiveFlight on all platforms :) Thanks for your understanding on this topic, guys!