Why does LiveFlight have so many problems?

LiveFlight is always freezing, I can’t select any planes, it crashes. Can someone fix this issue?


It’s working fine on my end. Might be a problem related to your device. However, I’m not very knowledgeable, so I’ll leave it to someone who actually knows stuff to help.


What device are you using?

Sounds like an internet or device issue, as I am not experiencing issues (so the app is working properly by itself).

There was a weird bug for me, where a 5cm x 5cm square on the liveflight website couldn’t be interacted with. No clicking, no dragging. Everything around it worked and the issue didn’t persist in other websites or areas of the computer.

Apart from that it seems to be fine.

It’s the same for me here

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that is the ad placeholder. I should block that at some point cuz it causes some other bugs to happen

I’m having the same issue, too. Except the dead area covers about half of the map area, slightly to the left of center. This is too large from where the ad is (lower left). Good thing to know it’s not just me – I was going on a cache/cookie clearing spree and still had issues.

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