Why Does KMCO Not Have IFATC

So for today KMCO is suppose to have IFATC on Expert, but there are none online. Why is this where airports are suppose to have IFATC, but then other airports not listed get ATC and not that particular one.

IFATC gets to choose when they open a certain airport. Airports that are listed don’t always have IFATC. @Zachary will probably explain better.



IFATC is a group of volunteers that open airports when they can. Additionally, traffic levels are a significant factor in where controllers open, and given MCO’s low inbound numbers, currently four within the next hour, it’s no surprise that other airports were opened instead.

Furthermore, even though the newly reintroduced schedule features certain airports, it is not a requirement to staff those—a vote that many IFATC participated in and a final decision from Tyler, the IFATC Manager.

If you would like to contribute to the ever-growing list of Expert Server controllers, feel free to apply for IFATC—maybe you can be a catalyst for change by following the schedule.

All in all, I’m sorry that MCO not being open is an inconvenience to you, but perhaps someone will open it at some point.

Have a good one!


There’s also only 5 inbound currently so not the most appealing airport to open. Pilots kind of have to want to fly in and out of the airport.


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