Why does Jersey Approach give wrong airports with RWY headings?

Good day! I requested Runway 26 Visual approach at Alderney and ATC replied with “Expect vectors for the visual approach runway 27 at Alderney.” They also do not have a RWY 27 at Alderney. Additionally, I saw someone received Expect vectors for the visual approach runway 27 at Jersey, mind they also only have a RWY 26. Maybe a bug?


Yes, most likely a bug. Not sure but I don’t see what else it’s be


I’m not sure if this is the answer but back in 2014 the runway headings were changed. They moved 10 degrees from 09/27 to 08/26 due to the movement of the magnetic poles.


Ah yes, that very well could be it. But then I was cleared ILS to 26 earlier in Jersey, but yes, I think it might be that

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I don’t really think it’s a bug. I was Tower at Jersey and someone from the other island requested take off on my frequency and I almost cleared him for take off. 🤨

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That must of been Guernsey because Alderney is out of range I think. Guernsey’s runway headings are also 08/26

It said Alderney loud and clear. I was v confused

Jersey was busy today so maybe it was full and you needed to be diverted to the nearest airport.

Should there be an airport full command full first? Giving clearance to different airport would just lead to mistakes

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That would be a good thing

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