Why does it take the C-130J-30 forever to takeoff?

I have been noticing when I am taking off with the C-130j-30 that it is taking way longer to gain speed and harder to climb to cruising altitude than the other c-130’s. Can someone please help.


What speed are you currently rotating at ?


I am trying to get to 125 knots but by the time I get to that I run out of runway

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I suggest setting flaps to 20% and full throttle also have a look at your weight settings. In addition maybe try a airport with a bigger runway ? ;)


125? I can get up at 110…what do you have weight at? If you have high weight/short runway, I sometimes even go flaps 100, which actually works.

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My weight was all the way down

Hm. Do you use flaps?

Yes they are at 20%

I’m not really sure then. For lack of anything else, try flaps at 50 or even 100, then se what happens.

Okay I will try

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I tried on solo at KSFO and I couldn’t takeoff without running out of runway

Hmph. Minimum weight, maximum throttle, full flaps?

Yes I checked all of that and did all of that

Are you sure weight is minimum and not maximum? Other than that, I have nothing else, except try rotating sooner and harder, and maybe add some trim in.

I am positive it is at minimum weight

Okay, so try trim and rotate sooner+harder

Okay, how much trim do you recommend

Okay maybe try calibrating your device again or rebooting( off/on) your device. Have you used a joystick previously before on your device ?

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I just went onto solo and did some testing. At minimum weight and 20 flaps, the J-30 is like a rocket, I can rotate at 90 and then do a vertical takeoff. With entirely full weight (past MTOW) I can still make it off before the end of an 8000 foot runway at SFO, just with flaps 50. I have no idea what your issue is…


Oh yes, joysticks can get tricky.