WHy does it still say IFPROYT When plugging in my stats!?

Hi everyone, i tried to upload my IF Stats but for some reason it says this!..

I f anyone could reply back or help that will be greatly appreciated!;)

Are those even your stats? It might be the wrong persons.

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Hi! Would you mind sharing the link from your profile here? :)

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Oh yes they are look!

Sure but were do i find the link?

In the stats url you put in your profile you need to put your username. It currently has infiniteflightproyt’s name in the URL.


Ethan beat me to it! I wanted to see which username was linked lol


Can you show me as like a screen recording how do i do it and find it?

If you go to your preferences and edit your profile a url will be there:

It will look like this:

![My Stats](https://profilestats.kaimalcolm.com/v1/Ethan_C.svg?bg=transperent&text=%23ffc107)

Replace the part of the url that says “Ethan_C” with “Aviator25”.

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Looks like i did it!

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Can you just double check to see?

Yesss i’ve done it thank you so much for the help guys:)

Yea, I see it now. You can change the color and background color as well by editing the url parameters “bg” and “text” if you would like.

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OOOO! How do i do that?

At the end of the url where it says:


Replace the …… with a 6 digit hex color code.

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Ok thanks for the help;)

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