Why Does Infinite Flight Pro Cost Money?

I think that IF makes enough money off aircraft purchases, why does Infinite Flight pro have to cost money, I don’t see why you should pay 60 bucks a year or 10 bucks a month just for flying online?! I think IF Pro should be free!!!

It’s because it is a fundamentally different model from traditional video games. Take Titanfall 2 for example, the reason it is sold is because it is already finished, and everything other than DLC is already in the game. On the other hand, a game like Infinite Flight is consistently being updated, like Fortnite for example, which uses the “Battlepass” to fund its future development. Hope this helps. :)


Why does chocolate cost money? Because multiple people are behind the making of it. The developers dedicate their time to this Sim, so it would be silly to ask them to do it for free wouldn’t it? A subscription gives them capital that they can invest back into the Sim giving is new aircraft like the A350. If everyone was to buy every plane, they would eventually run out of money because there is not an infinite number of aircraft.


I though you couldn’t buy individual aircraft anymore. The sub is the only was that IFLLC makes money, in addition to the initial app purchase

Well, they make a good 500k a year off Aircraft purchases

Do you have a source for that?

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Many people want to fly different aircraft, so they PURCHASE the aircraft they want to fly!!!
I bought ALL the aircrafts that costed me money.

So where is the source that says IF LLC makes 500K a year off of aircraft purchases? I for one, would rather be able to fly any aircraft I want, new or old without having to purchase it

So you are making up statistics and don’t have a valid source for the number you provided?

Regardless of what their annual revenue is, it really does not matter as that is the beauty of capitalism. Their earnings are not capped and they should make as much revenue as possible. More money = more aircrafts.


Do you not believe that the developers and all of the other individuals who have dedicated so much of their lives to creating an app that you obviously enjoy deserve a source of income? Pro costs money because you get extra perks - perks which require additional development time and resources and which give you the great experience you get. It may not be affordable to some, it may not be worth it to others, but it costs money because it takes money to make.

Think of it this way: The Pro subscription is what the developers intended to have you experience. They simply offer the base purchase price with a few airplanes and some other minor things for those who are not interested in getting the full package. Kind of like a cheap demo?


Look up TANSTAAFL. It explains everything.

MANY people play IF, they WANT aircrafts, they BUY them, IF will make a good 350k-500k

It cost a fortune to run servers, not only for IF but for must companies like Activision and EA and since the IF crew is not as huge as those companies it cost a lot and probably takes a chunk of there yearly profit. (Thanks crew for keeping this wonderful game alive even though servers probably cost you guys a arm and a leg)

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That is not backed up by evidence, but rather what you think


More money = more money for staff = more developments = quicker developments = better innovations = more app subscribers = more money. We all benefit!

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@LilSqueejee , don’t make up those numbers. How do you know they make so much money? Please give me a source.

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Would you work for free?


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