Why does infinite flight not become like the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020?

Our hope is Project Metal! I can’t wait for that huge update to come out!


Yeah, Microsoft got the eye candy, but Infinite Flight has a better, for example, default ATC system. Yes, I know there’s VATSIM, but out of the box, the ATC system in MSFS2020 is utterly ridiculous. You call ATC to request fuelling or catering trucks. Where Infinite Flight’s ATC system is somewhat realistic. Yes there are flaws, but overall it is very good. I think it is the best I have ever seen by default.
So, the sims are in a way built to - or focused on - too different things, well stated by @CaptainZac. So, in my opinion there are three types of flight sim.

  1. Scenic sightseeing - e.g. MSFS2020 is good for this
  2. Physics - XP11 is better for this from what I have heard (I believe
    IF is rapidly catching up)
  3. Procedures (e.g. communication with ATC) - Infinite Flight like said above

So, you basically have to choose which type of a sim you want. And developers have to choose which market they want to go for. Like how Boeing or Airbus choose to mainly go down the commercal airliner route, Infinite Flight choose the more procedural flight sim.

Also, I have haven’t mentioned the fact that IF is on mobile because I think it has been said enough. And like you, I don’t want my phone to blow up thanks.


Your comparing a sim from Microsoft who has actuslly allowed other devs to help. That helps them get known more.

Infinite flight is just a group of people

I’ve got it disagree with this, because, it’s a real sim.

It’s mainly GA, but very realistic procedures. I’ve been flying the SR22 with real life checklist and manuals, and nothing has not worked.

Never mate. ms 2020 is for the high end pc/ xbox series x group that can run at 4k at 60fps with ray tracing and all that and volumetric clouds and lighting. your also getting study level aircraft with meticulous attention to detail. infinite flight is for mobile that does not have the power of high end pcs or xbox to showcase those types of graphics. also you wont need to pay money every month to enjoy it to its full. and with xbox game pass its free more less.

After playing MSFS2020, I have actually realised how well IF does with the flight modelling overall and physics, especially for a mobile. With IF you really get some feel for momentum, inertia and the weight of a plane when landing / when hitting the tarmac. The other feels like RC toy simulator for me…respect to the developers!


You need a “HEMI” under the hood 🙂

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i respect your opinion but these are default aircraft, when PMDG and others start adding 3rd party aircraft like i said in the above comment they will have meticulous levels of attention. not been picky but you cant really compare infinite to ms2020. i love infinite flight though. everything i have learned from infinite flight will be used in ms 2020 when it hits xbox series x when it launches on that platform. in my opinion infinite flight is the best mobile sim out there and i am more then thankful to the developers for the hard work they do and continue to do. cant wait for 20.2.


Infinite Flight is used for mobile devices that cannot really handle stuff like that.

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