Why does infinite flight not become like the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020?

I don’t know if I’m the only one wondering, but could infinite flight become like the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 with airports and cities with 3D buildings?
I was amazed when the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 was released with such precision.


MSFS has desktops to work with and it cant run on any device it requires a desktop with good specs for a
ok experience. IF can run on mobile and it doesn’t have the same power available, and its a much smaller team than Asobo and Microsoft where able to pull together there are a lot of factors but it comes down to Phones have less power than PCs and that is probably going to stay how it is for a while


If you want 3d buildings in infinite flight, make a request here:

You need to understand that a PC and a mobile are completely different from each other. A PC is much more capable than a mobile and hence can support things like 3d objects and better graphics. Which a mobile just can’t

Simple answer. MFS is a PC simulator, while Infinite Flight is a mobile simulator. If MFS was a mobile simulator, our devices would have collapsed by now.

In addition, Infinite Flight LLC is just one small company, while Microsoft…

Infinite Flight has a “Project Metal” in development where 3D Buildings and more realistic simulator features will be added. You can find more about that here;


We don’t have one of the highest valued companies in the world backing us with money, infrastructure, bandwidth and we’re only on mobile :)

Doing our best with what we have though!



MSFS requires a pretty beefy PC and still only hits 40fps with a 9900K + 2080 Ti.

IF runs on give or take anything


Simple! Microsoft team only did a small portion of the map (airport). The rest of the world was created by an AI using bing earth. The AI did most of the job including 3d buildings. Furthermore, there’s only that much that IF can go before our phones stop supporting the game!

Check out this video, it talks about Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

plus, you can’t compare a mobile simulator to a pc simulator. Both are in different category. Its like comparing a Mercedes S-class (MFS2020) to a Honda Civic (Infinite Flight)… you get what I mean.


Well IF is the best civic I’ve ever seen 😂


Maybe an A-class, how bout that? :)

Civic Type R

VTEC just kicked in yo!


Quite a lot of reasons actually

  • Microsoft have a lot of money and data
    The thing is that microsoft had millions to spend on MSFS 2020 without making a dent in their balance sheet. Add to that the fact that the satellite imagery, which is the priciest data for a flight sim, was already theirs thanks to bing maps and it was analyzed on their service using their AI, and you get a very pricy simulator to develop, even with a lot of cost-cutting by using their in-house products, something IF doesn’t have.
  • Performance constrains
    MSFS has one very big advantage - it is on PC. A good example to show this on is RAM: MSFS requires 8GB of it, something that very few phones have and, frankly, don’t need for normal use.
  • Phones and internet
    MSFS requires at least 5 mbps internet speed to work, but can easily go into the double digits. And while for PCs it isn’t a problem, as they are either on WiFi or wired, IF has to also deal with users on mobile internet, and because 4G/5G coverage is still a work in progress in some places, IF’s 1 mbps requirements are pretty restricted on the maximum side.
  • Aircraft detail
    There’s a lot that goes into making an aircraft for sims. In the PC world, something like A320 can take years to develop. And while it’s okay when they are a one-time purchase, in the subscription-based model with a semi arcade gameplay, people expect to have an update every now and then, or else what they are paying for? Also, don’t forget, getting all buttons to work will be both slow to play and a pain to develop.

The question has been answered, many times. Why is everyone still going at it with slightly different words?


U cant compare the god tier of flight sim to a game


And you guys are doing great!


There are a lot of reasons why Infinite Flight is not as good as MFS2020.

  1. Infinite flight is a very, very small flight sim with a very, very small playerbase. Therefor, it isnt that big of a flight sim. This meaning it does not have the rush and sheer demand to become the behomth of what MFS2020 is.

  2. Infinite flight LTD, is also kind of small. They dont have that many developers, and because of this, it is hardwr to push out updates. Please realize that the developers and infinite flight team are working beyond hard to deliver sufficiently. We just need to give them time.

  3. Microsoft Flight Sim 2020. Microsoft is worth billions of dollars. Therefor, MFS2020 has the cabability to dominate the market with such sufficient funding. Not to mention MFS2020 has a huge amount of developers.

  4. The playerbase is huge in Microsoft 2020. To elaborate on this I rank flights sims in a hierarchy:

  • Xplane, P3D, FSX

  • IF, RFS, etc.

  • Terrible flightsims.

MFS attracts mostly the top hirarchy flight simmers. For example the people that fly on Xplane11 (such as mua) and so on becuase they are used to the adavanced mechanics and physics, also because they realize that their sims are getting slightly outdated and it is time for a new and advanced platform.

Infinite flight was outdated, but since it is an application, it is easier to modify and uldate unlike flight sims like X-Plane wich require days to months to change some code, plus hours of updating.

Infinite Flight right now is on mobile, and I don’t think they have any plans to expand to desktop. Although that would be very cool, right now, very high scenery on an iPhone or iPad it’s just not possible. Infinite Flight has said many times, that even though simulators like X-Plane 10, that has 3-D scenery on the iPhone, the issue, it’s a Infinite Flight doesn’t want to take up that much space on your phone, where X-Plane could take up to 3 GB on your phone

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If you’re going to ask us why isn’t IF LIKE MSFS then ask yourself why am I not grateful for a brilliant game where it’s all community based from ideals to the making of the game stop being stuck up and ungrateful IF has the best staff moderators game fixers ever !


I would prefer to not have my phone burst into flames thanks


IF and MSFS are not meant to be compared.

MSFS it’s also meant to be more of a sightseeing FS, while infinite flight is more about that flying

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