Why does infinite flight not add the KLM Asia's 77W livery during the 20.2 update?

I’m just confused now why infinite flight doesn’t add KLM Asia’s 77W when infinite flight updates its app to 20.2.

If infinite flight adds the KLM Asia livery, then we will have 3 different KLM livery.
Is it possible that one day infinite flight might add the KLM Asia livery someday?

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When the Infinite Flight team decides on a livery, a number of factors, such as whether it would be used often and if it’s necessary is taken into consideration. Please see this post:

Now, if the KLM Asia livery was added, isn’t it a waste? There already is 2 KLM liveries in game for the 77W. Instead of adding a KLM Asia livery which probably won’t be used often (as more people would prefer the normal or orange pride livery), they can add something else, maybe a complete different airline livery.

You never know! Feel free to use the search bar to find a existing feature request for it. If there isn’t any, then feel free to create one.


Oh, Thanks!
this is my first post so I don’t really know how to make a topic perfectly


I’m here to help, if you ever need assistance creating a feature topic. To not clog up the thread, feel free to send me a PM, I’ll try to help as much as I can :)


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