Why does infinite flight crash

Today is flying from Dallas to Seoul in a 777-200 and only an hour and a half from landing the app just shut down also yesterday I was going from Istanbul to Uzbekistan in a 757 and the app crashed I have updated all the updates so why is this happening

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Which device do you have? That would be a factor of why your game is crashing

Iphone SE 2020

OK, since is a New device, put the graphics to LOW and reduce the aircraft count

There are many reasons for an app crash. Some might be because your device may be working too hard because graphic settings are too high, you might not have the recommended space or memory on your device or it may be a problem with the app. I would recommend doing what @JetSuperior5192 said and lower graphic settings to see if that helps

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There are multiple reasons for game crash, the most common reason is a result of overtime platform duration running

There are many ways I can recommend to fix this which I’m sure will solve the issue:

  • Clear scenery cache
  • Fully uninstall and reinstall the application (if absolutely necessary)
  • Set graphics to LOW
  • Airplane count to LOW
  • Try freeing up some device storage
  • Ensure there are very limited background apps running
  • If possible try to do only short - medium haul flights to avoid completely losing a whole flight

I’m sure this will solve the issue but if not, it may just be the device / platform you are running IF on… (but that shouldn’t be a problem because if you have a relatively new device as mentioned)

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I‘m not quite sure if this helps but I‘m using an Apple iPad Pro 2018 and I‘m experiencing crashes really rare, almost never. However, when the app crashed I always noticed that my internet connection was bad.


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